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Saturday 20th June

Ladies and Gents. I’ve not had much feedback on our annual golf day. Only have 3 yes’s so far. Need at least 20 to make a day of it. Dan has had a positive response from an ex Leeds Legend so it’ll be worth it.  I know it’s planned for September and that seems a while off, but these things take time to organise and with Ramadan and the summer holidays just around the corner, I could do with knowing ASAP. I am on garden leave next week so will have time to get some prices and try and get some sponsorship sorted. Please don’t leave it too late.


Saturday 27th June

Update of the proposed DW’s Golf Day.

Very disappointing response only got 7 definite’s so far. Going to give it until mid July and if numbers haven’t reached 20+ we will have to give up on the idea. As I said before these things take a lot of time to organise,what with venues and sponsors, so I cant leave it too late. Come on guys surely there are more budding golfers out there!!!!


Wednesday 2nd July

With our first home game against Boro now being shown on Sky, this is probably gonna be our first meet of the season. Obviously many of us will probably be on our jollies (me included),  but if you’re about let’s make sure we turn up and give the club the support it deserves.


Tuesday 12th August

One of our former DW’s, Charles Balchin, was unfortunate enough to be present at our first league game of the season against Millwall at the weekend. Here’s his take of the events:

Went to The Den and thought you might be interested in the thoughts of a former fellow Dubai Whites member…

I can see the Sun headlines now…’Another Shockaday for Leeds Fans’…however I will try and be calm and sensible about it all:

First let’s all realise this is work in progress. It’s clear the team haven’t gelled yet. Also can I remind you all that another Championship team – Watford purchased/loaned half a DOZEN Italian 18 months ago. They looked a little iffy last year but by all accounts are looking great this year. So although we have all had enough of ‘transitional seasons’ I think this is another..sorry about that!

I should also say that a few people I respect reckon Millwall are dark horses this year, so in the fullness of time a 2-0 defeat (with a dubious last minute penalty) might not seem so bad. And I think we will end up roughly in the same place in the league..whether it’s with the same coach I couldn’t possibly say.

That said…

It was the usual defensive errors that we have all grown used to that lead to the first Millwall goal..ball left to find an unmarked player to tap it in.

Dreadful first half. Doukara was alone upfront and looked half a stone overweight and half a yard.. no make that two yards too slow.

My big concern was that Millwall were quicker to each ball, pressurized us into mistakes and generally looked like they wanted it more.

Not a single shot on goal in first half and in second half when Hunt had an empty goal (bar one defender) he shot straight at that defender.

Our passing consisted of the back four knocking it back to each other (think of Ray ‘The Crab’ Wilkins and you’ll get the picture) before letting Silvestri hoof it up the pitch.

One good F/K chance was an absolute abortion of an effort.. and Austin decided a speculative shot from 35 yards was a better idea than passing to one of TWO unmarked players on either side! The ball is still somewhere in Row Z.

We only really started to look dangerous when Poleon came on, added a bit of zest and sparkle.

I felt for young Lewis Cook who gave away the penalty just when we looked like we might get something and it was good to see the senior players console him.

On the subject of players:

Silvestri-The jury is out. He tends to beat balls down and then grab them rather than make straight catches and he made one save ‘for the cameras’ where he leapt Salmon like in the air which was rather embarrassing as the ball was only just powerful enough to reach him!

Byram-Good and Bad. Some of the things that made him such hot property two seasons ago where on view but he also misplaced a lot of passes.

Warnock- Good game. Strong in the tackle and worked his socks off.

Austin-the epitome of an OK game. Nothing awful (apart from previously mentioned ‘shot’ from 35 yards) but nothing very good either.

Pearce-MOM- Another strong performance. Looks like he has picked up where he left off last season.

Murphy-Almost Anonymous

Hunt-Almost More Anonymous

Wooton-Terrifying. With the deal for Sorensen going down we are in serious trouble here. Come back Lees..all is forgiven!

Ajose-Hard to judge the lad on one outing but looked like what he is..a Peterborough United player.

Tonge-Worked hard but made quite a few mistakes. In fairness some of them where when he was trying something different so I am loathe to criticise too much.


Smith (Sub)-much more effective than Doukara and looked liked he cared. But without a McCormack to pick up the flicks he is wasted.

Cook (Sub)-gave away penalty and not enough time on pitch to make a real judgment.

Poleon-looked lively (as he often does from subs bench) and injected some pace, but I think if we thought he was a long term striking answer we would know by now.

So in summary..it will be six weeks before we really know where we are. I am told Bianchi will make a difference, but we are still shorty of a starting Centre Half and a striker.

Friday 12th September.

So the time is near approaching that we have to say goodbye to Our Founder, Our Leader, Our Club Captain!!! Tomorrows game against Brum will see the last appearance of Paul Ellis Mather at Goodfellas. I for one am proud to call him a friend. I’ve not know Paul as long as some of you guys, but from the minute I met him (Dubai 7’s Football Tournament) he made me feel welcome as part of the group. Then onto my first meet up with the rest of the gang which was fortunately the famous Bristol Rovers game when we won promotion back to the Championship. He introduced me to everyone and it felt like I’d been a member for years. Nearly 5 years later and the club has gone from strength to strength and in my opinion it’s all down to Paul. I would hope in his absence that we can do him proud and keep up the good work.

PAUL ELLIS MATHER WE SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 29th September:

A Final farewell to Our President:

Paul finally leaves these shores on Thursday so he will not be at the Wednesday game. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that he will be sorely missed but I hope we can carry on where he left off in making The Dubai Whites one of the best supporters groups in Dubai.

13972_10153311763769657_7202276060277396323_n         Paul

Thursday 30th October.


Within the next few months we will be having 3 new additions to the Dubai Whites family. Dan and Stacey are expecting baby Galley number 2 in November, Tony and Pamela are expecting baby Griffin number 2 in February and also in February Eddie and Reem are expecting baby Taylor number 1. A huge congratulations to all 3 families from the rest of the DW’s.

Saturday 29th November:

A massive congratulations from all Dubai Whites to our Chairman Dan and his wife Stacey on the arrival of Baby Alex on Sunday 23rd November. Alex was born at Al Zahara Hospital, Dubai weighing in at a healthy  8lb. Both Mum and Baby are doing great and hopefully Dan will be paying for the little ones membership next season!!

Thursday 5th March:

2 new arrivals to the DW’s Family!!

Congratulations to Tony and Pam on the arrival of Baby Sophia born 31st January. I’m sure Daisy will love having a little sister to play with. Also congratulations to our club Secretary Eddie and his wife Reem on the arrival of Baby Luke born 21st February. I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing both families best wishes for the future with their new additions.

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the football card at the Boro game. The money raised is being donated to The Childrens Heart Surgery Fund back in Blighty. One of our fellow members, Beccy, tragically lost her younger sister at the beginning of February and is raising funds to raise the awareness of Di George Syndrome. She has already raised over 2300 GBP and I will personally be given her 1000 AED on Saturday from our funds. Once again thanks to everyone who contributed (we even had a few Boro fans donate)

Thursday 23rd April:

As another disappointing season draws to a close it’s that time of year when we don’t see each other for months on end. Hopefully during the close season we will have a few nights out. If anyone has any suggestions for a night out or family get together just leave a message on here or drop us an email. I know last year a few of us went to the Darts which was a great night so maybe we could arrange something again?

If we don’t meet during the summer then I wish you all a pleasant vacation wherever you may venture.

Saturday 18th July.

A meeting was held on Tuesday 7th to discuss the upcoming season and how we can improve our club. a few ideas were thrown around including new merchandise (new design polo shirts and pint glasses being the main 2). During our first few games (Burnley and Sheff Weds) we will be bring a list round to see who is interested in purchasing and hopefully we can get the ball rolling.

Hopefully all of you on our mailing list have received our new and much improved Newsletter. We are still in the process of adding it to the website (a few glitches to be ironed out). Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be up and running and back to a weekly edition. Thanks Eddie for the time and effort.

Wednesday 12th August:

So the season is under-way and it was not a bad start considering we were playing one of last seasons premier league teams. Loads of positives from the performance I thought. Anyway you can read all that in our newsletter. I was absolutely gob-smacked with the turnout at Goodfellas. To say it’s still the middle of the holiday season to get 25 off us there was brilliant (see photo gallery)

Not very optimistic about Thursday nights attendance due to the 22.45 kick off but who knows it is the weekend after all!!

Tuesday 15th September:

It’s all change at the top!

Due to work and family commitments Dan has had to resign as Chairman of The Dubai Whites. He will still play a role in the running of the club as co-secretary with Eddie. Simon will still be Vice Chairman and Lee will now step up to the Chairman’s role. We will all be working together to keep this great supporters club on the up.

Sunday 10th January:

As many of you will now know, we have received the new design Dubai Whites Polo shirts. They come in 2 colours, White & Navy Blue. Sizes range from S-XXL. I will be bringing them to the Sheffield Wednesday game this Saturday to hand out to those who have already ordered. If you haven’t ordered don’t worry, I have plenty of stock left.

1937203_10154531709157516_6645365898681952846_n                        IMG_6571

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