The Dubai White’s at Wembley  Wembley 2 Wembley 3 Wembley

Paul’s Leaving Brunch

13972_10153311763769657_7202276060277396323_n          10475319_10153311763649657_8819035034403016798_n 10603380_10153311763289657_7747213181415501570_n             10606203_10153311763479657_8891417596211578554_n 10623071_10153311763854657_6399849942652436619_n           10689970_10153311763184657_625223166682835577_n

Leeds v Burnley Saturday 8th August 11216828_1112899458738923_5412817808558694863_n 11223528_1112899455405590_7796678828525667225_n 11870736_1112899512072251_4343803684084305520_n

Derby v Leeds 29th August

Final Whistle Celebrations


Lee Modelling the new Navy Blue Dubai Whites Polo Shirt


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