The History Of The Dubai Whites


By Paul Ellis Mather

President of The Dubai Whites

I moved to Dubai in 2003 and for the first few years watched from a distance the slow demise of my beloved Leeds United. After relegation in 2004 I decided that I wanted to share my sorrows with fellow Leeds fans.

I missed the banter, the singing, the togetherness that comes with Leeds even down to a proper pint (I’m still waiting for that pint out here) as with all new arrivals here in Dubai you meet new people and through our daughters, Simon Green and I met.

We chatted over a beer or two at a BBQ about forming a Leeds United Supporters group and nothing really came of it until one day late in 2004, I decided to write to the local free newspaper, 7days, asking for followers of the Mighty Whites to ring my number (Yep!! I took a risk with my mobile number)

Success!! They even put a photo of random Leeds fans singing at Elland Rd. The response was fantastic!! Apart from a few knobs trying to give me stick about being Leeds!!

Over the next few days and weeks I received calls from fellow whites who had either just moved here or had been here for years and wanted to be a part of it.

From two we quickly became thirty-three and in the April of 2008, I asked members should we go Official? The response was a resounding Yes!! “What name should we have” was the next question? Arabian Whites, UAE Whites, Gulf Whites but such was the popularity of Dubai on the world stage so became the Dubai Whites official UAE Supporters Club.

Dubai is very transient and as fans move on so others take their place, one thing that I wanted and very much achieved was Leeds fans helping Leeds fans both personally with help on just about anything regarding expat living and networking. I feel proud that the club I started has indeed moved on and in doing so brought people together to become great friends and also to have helped fans move jobs and create a network of help second to none.

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